PRESS RELEASE: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales highlights Crops For the Future in speech delivered at a reception for the Crop Trust

Professor Sayed Azam-Ali with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales during HRH's visit to CFF in November 2017.

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 FEBRUARY 2018 – Crops For the Future (CFF) CEO, Professor Sayed Azam-Ali, attended a reception hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales at Clarence House on January 30. The reception, Food Forever – Actions for a Resilient Food System, raised awareness on the importance of crop diversity to safeguard the foundation of our food. It was attended by guests including the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. 
In his speech, HRH highlighted his trip to the CFF headquarters in Malaysia, where he launched the Forgotten Foods Network. “I must say I had the good fortune, on a recent trip to Malaysia last Autumn, to visit Crops For the Future, where they are conducting valuable research into underutilised crops. I was impressed with the research that the centre, led by Professor Sayed Azam-Ali, who I am pleased to see here today, is undertaking, and I hope that Crops For the Future’s ‘Forgotten Foods Network’ can work together with the Food Forever Initiative towards their shared goal of securing the future of food for the benefit of humanity.”
The Forgotten Foods Network is a global initiative spearheaded by CFF that collects and shares information on foods, recipes and traditions that are part of our common heritage. By creating this network, we hope to discover and share foods that can both transform the way we eat now and nourish us. The Forgotten Foods Network complements the Food Forever Initiative launched by the Crop Trust to safeguard the genetic resources of the world’s crop species. 
Speaking on the reception, Prof. Sayed Azam-Ali said, “for CFF to be commended by HRH  The Prince of Wales is a huge honour for us and recognition for the Government of Malaysia and the University of Nottingham who support CFF. The presence of leaders from business, politics and society at the event is a testament to the power of the vision that HRH described in his speech and the leadership shown by the Crop Trust in delivering it. It was especially gratifying that HE President of Mauritius, herself an eminent scientist, noted the contribution of CFF research to agricultural biodiversity.”
A balanced diet derived from a diverse range of foods is key to optimal health and nutrition. We need to put nutrition at the heart of our food systems. This is where `forgotten foods’ – the traditional foods and crops that our ancestors ate – could play a vital role, especially in the unpredictable and vulnerable climates of the future. 
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