Max Herriman

Max Herriman
Programme Director, FishPLUS
Head, Advisory & Consulting Services
Max Herriman holds an M.A. Maritime Policy, University of Wollongong, Australia, B.A. Chinese Studies, University of Adelaide, Australia and Graduate Diploma in Management, Royal Australian Navy Staff College.

Max has led consulting projects as well as acted as a specialist consultant in several assignments, particularly in the areas of marine and defence sectors. He has provided consultancy advice to Governments including Australia, Canada, Solomon Islands, Indonesia and Malaysia; and to IGOs such as APEC, ADB, ASEAN Secretariat, and the South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA). Max was Project Manager for the Malaysian Economic Planning Unit in 1994 for the development of the National Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Policy and in 2010, he was appointed the Project Manager for the National Ocean Policy Project.

Max is the Executive Director of Sea Resources Subsea Sdn Bhd, which requires him to develop and oversee business development in this specialist market sector. He also holds several executive positions including founder and chief executive at Sea Resources Group. Currently, he is the Chairman of Moorsure Pty Ltd and Senior Policy Advisor to Serco Ltd for Malaysia.

Before moving to Malaysia in 1998, Max served 23 years as a pilot and officer in the Royal Australian Navy in the fields of maritime air operations, anti-submarine warfare and signals intelligence. In 1980, he was decorated with the Air Force Cross. Max is proficient in English and Mandarin and has basic language skills in the Malay language. He is an Australian and a Permanent Residence permit holder in Malaysia.