CFF-UNMC DTP Programme : Alberto Tanzi (Final Part)

Alberto Tanzi is a PhD candidate under the CFF-University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Doctoral Training Programme (CFF-UNMC DTP).  He has completed all his field work and is currently working on his thesis 'Genetic Improvement of Winged Bean for Productivity and Food Value'. 

CFF-UNMC DTP is a unique programme as it brings together a cohort of research students who are all working on the theme of underutilised crops but are located across different schools, faculties, campuses of the University of Nottingham.
Genetic improvement of winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC.) for productivity and food value
Winged bean (P. tetragonolobus (L.) DC.) is an underutilised leguminous crop cultivated in tropical areas, mainly between India, Sri Lanka, and South-East Asia, for its edible green pods, leaves, tubers, and mature seeds. 
The plant has a structure shaped by intertwining stems that grow indeterminately, with none or multiple lateral branches that could impact on productivity and choice of cultivation practice. In order to understand what are the mechanisms that control the development and growth of such structure, we performed controlled crosses between contrasting parents, having different characteristics (for example, different branching habit, growth rate, and development). The analysis of the progeny from these crosses is allowing us to unravel how the different characteristics, coming from one parent or the other within each individual, are inherited, and how can be combined. Eventually, we will be able to shed light on how they contribute to the overall plant structure, what could be their impact on the final productivity, and what can be selected for winged bean improvement programmes. 
Below are earlier videos on Alberto's project 
9 AUGUST 2016
Introduction to the project

27 March 2017
Phase 2 focussed on analysing how the plant architecture behaves in space and time on the field.