CONNECT Project: Proof-of-concept value chains for agricultural diversification

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The CONNECT project delivers proof-of-concept value chains that span genetic resources through to potential markets for crops that are currently underutilised. CONNECT, which started in March 2017, includes traceability mechanisms to follow micronutrients, ingredient integrity, quality control and data - from farm to table.
Some underutilised crops, like bambara groundnut and moringa, can yield under a range of soils and climates that are unfavourable for production of the more common staple crops. Both bambara groundnut and moringa are drought-tolerant crops with very high nutrients. 
The CONNECT process provides a robust mechanism to test the potential of any crop before scaling up to full commercialisation. It provides a transparent mechanism to evaluate the potential impact of agricultural diversification from a single field to the global scale. This project is in response to show how agricultural diversification can help address the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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