Workshop and Field Trip in Bario and Miri

24 - 28 FEBRUARY 2018
Under the theme of Agricultural Diversification through Forgotten Foods, the Sarawak Community Workshop was organised by Crops For the Future, in collaboration with WWF-Malaysia and British High Commission Kuala Lumpur. The workshop is part of an initiative to build on existing efforts for supporting sustainable livelihoods and agricultural practices in the Sarawak Highland, within the Heart of Borneo Corridor.
Day 1 : Field Trip in Bario

One group started the field trip at the farm sites in Bario Asal and Arur Dalan, where farmers had completed harvesting their paddy fields and were at various stages of drying and milling the harvest. Then the team proceeded to Pa’Dalih, one of Bario’s fourteen villages with different terrain and soil compared to the central plateau region. The local community guided the group through their farming activities, foraging activities from the nearby forest, as well as a tour of the longhouse. 

Whilst, the other team kicked start the day with a visit to the central market and interacted with local farmers who were selling their produce. The team then went to Pa’Derung, for a tour of the diverse crops grown by the local community. The day ended with a visit to learn more about Bario salt and a stopover at Pa’Umor to interact with the local community there on their diverse cropping activities. 
Day 2 and 3 : 
These two days were packed with discussions, sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. The presenters were:
1. Make Jiwan (University Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus) : Agricultural activities in the Sarawak Highlands; an overview of the crops cultivated and secondary agricultural activities in the region
2. Dr Ebrahim Jahanshiri (CFF) : Knowledge Base System. 
3. Dr Tim George (James Hutton Institute) : Roots and Rhizospheres for Sustainable Crop Production; provided an overview of the critical roles of plant roots in improving resource capture and stress tolerance. 
4. Dr Monica Janowski (University of London) : Overview of the “Cultured Rainforest” in the Sarawak highlands and the plants grown and gathered. 
5. Dr Henny Osbahr (Reading University) : Holistic livelihood analysis and assessing socio-economic impact of new practices or activities
6. Lilian Chen (Langit Collective) and Sam Mei Jean (JustLife) : Market opportunities and challenges for local products from Bario and Long Semadoh. 
7. Alicia Ng (WWF Malaysia) : Issues of land and water sustainability, specifically in Long Semadoh - an ongoing project within the Heart of Borneo Corridor.